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23 February 2007 @ 12:39 am

This community has become Friends Only.
It costs nothing but your love to Dir en grey to join.
Join from the "User Info" link at top.
21 February 2007 @ 01:40 am
OKay, I am starting a new community of Dir en grey. It is because they are doing damn a lot of overseas tours and I KNOW you people are seeing it! OMG, I envy you guys so much that I hope some of you will join here and share your report with us. I have several rules to observe though:

1. This place is for Dir en grey fans only.
If you are not one of us, please stay away.

2. Sorry, no DJ, no FF. (Promotion is allowed though)
Because I think there should be plenty enough of them out there. I start this community just because I can't find one about Live Report, and fans, please don't hide your report(s) in your HD or your own journal!

3. Reports in any languages are welcome.
I don't care if it's French, German, Japanese, English, Thai, Finns whatever, I myself also write in Chinese, Japanese and English. I can even do some translation if you people want.

4. I welcome reports written either by yourself, or a recap./ transcript of a local media report (such as MTV Europe, local magazines etc etc)

5. Any rude attitude towards any people (even towards those non-dir en grey fans) is strictly prohibited. I believe you have read enough of those meaningless comments on Youtube or the Official BBS, well, I am. So be mature.

Five rules are not that hard right? Ok now, give us your report, start posting!
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